Pet Phonics

Win Grise dis Can i Ples have accat? I miss AbbiY I LOVe you.
Love Camryn Ennis

Camryn likes to put notes in my lunch when I bring it to work — I collect them all. The quote above was yesterday’s message. She can sound out and recognize words very well so she is an excellent reader. She is working on her spelling now — the phonetics aren’t too bad.

Allow me to translate in case you are having trouble:

When Gracie dies can I please have a cat? I miss Abbey. I love you. Love Camryn Ennis

I don’t think I’ll mention this discussion to Gracie. :)


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    my sarah is waiting for several pets to pass away before she can get a hamster or a dog.

    i could almost didn’t need a translation but after 4 kids you learn to figure out what kids right. the other day one of them wrote “follow the sins” she meant to write “follow the signs” i found this amusing.

    dave get on facebook so i am not the only 1990 graduate of northsprings highschool on facebook.

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